How to uninstall WinLocker Suite from your computer

Everytime I get a new computer I try to remove all the ‘additional’ software that come bundled with it. I like to keep the number of background process to a minimum, perhaps as a result of a habit carried over from when computers were much slower…

Recently I have got a new Acer laptop and I was dump-founded by the uninstall option for the WinLocker Suite that came with the computer. None of the options presented by the uninstall program actually remove the program from the computer. If you have encountered a similar problem and would like to learn the solution – listen up.

The procedure

First, you need to download the winlocker update called “Tool to fix MyWinLocker update error”. It changes the behaviour of the uninstall process such that it will be possible to remove the software. Next you have to run the uninstall from the control panel and select install for everything that you want to remove.

Although that might sound connter-intiutive, it did the job for me and I am now happily free of the WinLocker Suite.

That’s all folks.

copyright 2011 Andrew Luk (andrew dot yk at gmail dot com)

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One Response to How to uninstall WinLocker Suite from your computer

  1. Zagnorch says:

    I uninstalled Acer bundled software without downloading the tool by selecting “install” for everything. Go figure?

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